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Mazda Bongo Roof Mattress - Deluxe 2" Standard or Memory Foam

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Remember!  You can always give us a call to order your items or come and collect in person to save on delivery charges! - Ring for further details - 01246 825873


Description: A 2" foam mattress topper to be used in conjunction with the original bongo seats when laid flat. Taylor made to fit the full width of the bongo and easily folds down to be stored behind the rear seats. These toppers come with either grey or black removable covers and come filled with either memory or

standard foam.



Standard Foam - Price: £89.99 - Inclusive of delivery

Memory Foam - £109.99 - Inclusive of delivery

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Mazda Bongo Mattress Set - Save Money by ordering a mattress set!

Description: A deluxe 2" foam mattress set with either grey or black covers.

Save Money by ordering the Mattresses together.



Standard Foam - Price: £159.99 - Inclusive of delivery

Memory Foam - Price: £179.99 - Inclusive of delivery


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Mazda Bongo Accesories

DSC00467 2012-03-22 08.19.22 Mattress Topper

Patterned materials for illustration only.

The majority of our mattress will be manufactured with solid black or grey car upholstery material

- unless specified

Mazda Bongo Rear Conversion U Shaped Memory Foam Mattress Set


Description: Our new U shaped mattress topper designed specifically for use with a rear camper conversion. The topper is in four pieces, made from 2" memory foam (4" on front seats) and is designed to help iron out the lumps and bumps experience with this bed set up. Available with either grey or black covers and come in four zipped bags for easy storage.


Price: £119.99 - Inclusive of delivery


2012-09-21113141_zpsb4562923 Thermal windscreen cover

Bongo Windscreen Cover / Thermal

Mazda Bongo Thermal Windscreen Cover

Description: After great feedback on our black out windscreen cover we have now launched our all new external "Thermal" windscreen cover.

Specifically designed to keep theBongo, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is achieved by sandwiching a layer of insulation between two layers of UV reflective polyester - reflecting heat away from the outside in the summer and heat back internally in the winter. This cover is super easy to fit - by the means of two door pockets which hook over the top of the doors and tabs which attach around the wing mirrors. The front screen also detaches from the side panels so you can drop it down in the day if extra light is required.

The cover also fits into a storage bag roughly half the size of similar products on the market!



The key features of the cover are:

Great for both summer and winter use, rip resistant, easy to fit and remove, compact and light weight, made in Great Britain with full 12 months warranty


Price: £124.99 - Inclusive of Delivery







Mazda Bongo Rock and Roll (RnR) Bed and Upholstery

Mazda Bongo 3/4 RnR Bed upholstery From £199.99

Description: Our all new rock and roll bed upholstery, after many customer requests we have decided to offer our rock and roll bed upholstery sets as a standard product With prices starting from a very competitive £199.99 (3/4 RnR bed) inclusive of delivery. Memory foam upgrades available from £40, piping available from £50 and Real lether variants starting from £299.99. We have a wide range of colours and designs to choose from – give us a call and let us know you’re requirements.

Tel 01246 825873

Picture3 Bongo Upholstery Set Premier Bongos2

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Description: A deluxe 2" roof mattress with grey or black removable covers filled with either memory or standard foam. Tailor made for the pre 1999 bongo and designed to fold up neatly for storage. Enjoy a great night’s sleep with our mattresses.



Standard Foam - Price: £79.99 - Inclusive of delivery

Memory Foam - £99.99 - Inclusive of delivery


Bongo Upholstery Set