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We take our customer satisfaction very seriously so if you have any questions please don't hesitate in getting in touch!


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16th December 2012 - Simon in Spain


I am very new to Cali's.....talking months here... but I have a background in selling some of the best products/clothing available as well as in prototype and product design that goes back quite a way. And I have learned that real quality is from design.. to product..to service.

I have now just 1700 klms on my brand new Silver Reflex California Comfortline. as they call the SE here in Spain, and when I picked it up, the excellent 'Cali-Topper and side panels' I purchased were there waiting for me at the dealers. Not only did the guys at Cali Topper make the most exceptional effort to see that I got the best, remaking the silver side panels I had ordered due to a mark or two on the perfectly good ones the had....they worked overtime to get them out to me here in Spain, so it took only 4 days for the parcel to arrive. The dealer here in Spain where I bought the Cali was as impressed as I was, not only by the idea, but by the quality of the gear. He couldn't believe that the cold/wet UK had such 'enthusiast'!!   Travelling down through a wet and cold Galicia we had a chance to see the quality of the Cali Topper, and I must say I was extremely impressed! Quality was 10 out of 10 for us, as was the cosiness of the Cali!

What can I say....I just miss so that kind of service and integrity here in Spain, and really am glad that another innovative 'little UK company' is making such a big impression! Top marks


Kind Regards to all and a very !MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Simon (Newbie in Spain!)  


15th December 2012 - Philipee in France (Google Translation used)


Hello, Nick

Well received Cali-topper Monday morning, superbly packaged parcel again, no problem

already installed quickly in the garage of my work, very nice product, very happy with this purchase

Agreed as I warn the French group T5

We the next test and I'll sleep with my wife in the roof.

I like the collective at Current, I'm already talking on the forum about the Cali-topper  


Sincerely, thank you philippe Nick was soon


18th November 2012 - Eanni in Scotland


My topper arrived yesterday morning just in time for me heading to the Scottish meet at Blair Atholl. Managed to fit it myself - so very impressed! Really cold last night (-5C) and wet before that - so certainly a good test. Worked really well and it's now in the garage thawing and drying! Definitely kept the top insulated. Will keep you updated on further adventures


18th April 2012 - Swigle in the UK


Replacement topper arrived today (grey rather than black, plain un-patterned fabric, modified template). Replacement was offered by Nick @ Comfortz unprompted - I was quite happy with the first topper. But I have to say this replacement is better - the fabric colour is a much better match to the existing mattress pad, and the new template sits perfectly on the parcel shelf when folded. And the zip is in the edge away from the cupboards, so no danger of scratching the units.


12th April 2012 - Swigle in the

Ordered Saturday, arrived this morning, which isn't to bad given there was a weekend and a Bank Holiday in there!


Mine is in the black fabric - I didn't think to ask if there was any different colour available!


Perfect fit, length and width-wise. Well made (stithcing, zip, fabric & topper itself).

Enough slack fabric to allow the 3 sections to concertina nicely.

Sits nicely on parcel shelf - 6 inches high (obviously). A few inches spare on the shelf when headrests up.

Not quite enough room to have headrests fully folded down (the way I prefer them when no passengers in the back) and mattress on the shelf - I suspect the mattress would catch on the tailgate / end up being very slightly squished.

Cut-out corner is a nice touch. When folded, the two 'un-cut' sections don't sit quite flat - that is with parcel shelf in lower position; I suspect they would sit flat when the shelf is in the upper position.